Cologne, 10th January 2018 - To be successful, online retailers should be up to date with the price. For this, they must set flexible prices for their goods and change them dynamically according to different factors, such as demand or competitors' price. For this reason, over 90 percent of Amazon and eBay sellers use a repricing tool. You may be wondering how such a tool can help your business and what specific advantages would it bring to you. Keep reading to find the answers.


Cologne, 30th October 2017 - Let's imagine you wake up one morning and the first thing you see when you open your email is  “Your selling privileges have been removed”…. What do you do? Scream? Panic? Run in circles? Or all the above?. It can be very frightening to be suspended on Amazon, especially if your whole business relies on it. Amazon sellers are suspended regularly and believe it or not, it doesn't matter how much you sell. 

We're not talking about how a suspension can affect your business because that's already clear. Instead, we're going to address the most common reasons for suspension and tell you the best ways to overcome this problem and get your account reinstated.


Cologne, 18th July 2017 - 

“Hi Felix,

Can you have a look at this ASIN in logicsale B001Hxxx. I'm not sure what's going on there. It's saying that I have 100% Buy Box. However, when I look at the article on Amazon I am also in the buy box, but only as long as I am logged in my Amazon account. If I look without logging on Amazon, I am suddenly no longer in the buy box.



What this seller didn't know when writing this email, is that Amazon doesn't always give the Buy Box to a single vendor. There are certain instances when two different sellers can win the Buy Box. How is this possible? 


Cologne, 17th July 2017 - Getting feedback is one of the most important ways to upgrade ourselves. At logicsale, we do exactly the same. In order to improve our services, we constantly ask our customers for feedback. This time we wanted to know what they like the most about us. Most of the answers were similar to each other: Customers love our service and especially how much time they save with us. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why our retailers decided to stop adjusting their prices manually and start using our repricing software.


Improve Your Seller Skills with These Tips

Cologne, 16th July 2017 - 


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